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The newsletter of PrintMediaNieuws contained an article about the first edition of the Doordrop Media Congress in Amsterdam. During this congress, marketing via the letterbox was revived and put on the map. The conclusion: everyone reads brochures and direct mailings but it could all be a lot more innovative and creative.

ELMA CEO Mark Davies indicated that the number of folders and direct mailings in the Netherlands is about twice as high as the number of mailboxes. It is therefore extra important that the direct mails stand out between the rest of the mail and mailing products. In addition, consumers love creative expressions and they get them in abundance through other channels such as the internet and television. In addition, let's be honest, the average mailing or folder has hardly changed in the past decade and looks rather boring. As a company, do you want to impress your target group, convey your message and encourage the recipient to visit the website or take another action? Then it is important that the direct mailing stands out and there is also a effective direct mail of a number of elements. Such as personalization and the use of visuals.

printed matter; crossover for online channels

As mentioned, the recipient must be triggered by the direct mails to visit the website or take some other action depending on the purpose of the marketing campaign. This shows that the function of the printed matter has changed. Reading the direct mailing is no longer enough; it's about the action that follows. After reading the direct mailings, almost everyone goes online to find more information about a product or service. This is clearly reflected in the design of direct mailings; think of references to the website such as “Order now, and discover and read it all online.”. These references to websites or QR codes on the direct mailing are more important than ever. Printed matter and therefore direct mailings fit perfectly into the marketing mix; a combination of offline and digital channels. As stated so beautifully in the article PrintMediaNews, “The printed matter provides the first step and the website heads it in.”

Printed matter is therefore a flywheel for the internet. First of all, it is necessary that the direct mailing stands out. There are enormous opportunities for companies that want to innovate and stand out. Unfortunately, segmenting and innovative, creative mailings require effort and investment. Other channels, which come up with new innovations every day, such as the internet, often attract a large part of the marketing budget. The question is whether this is the best bet in the long term. Because printed matter may be relatively expensive, it yields more per consumer and is also the ideal start for a multichannel campaign. Consumers also spend a lot of time in this online world on printed advertising messages and the message of a direct mailing sticks around longer than, for example, a TV commercial or a banner online. Other benefits of direct mail have been confirmed by a recent study on direct mail.

Striking printed matter and original direct mailings

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