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The company Festo has chosen to design the business invitations for The Week of Productivity on our Turning Card, also known as a break card. The Week of Productivity consists of a week-long discussion about innovation and productivity. Festo is organizing this business event and will therefore also give workshops and show practical examples. This week offers new perspectives on efficiency and modern trends. And new perspectives will be the recipient of the innovative direct mail, the Breaking Card, actually experienced!

turning card; the versatile card

All the information that Festo wants to share can be placed on four sides of the Break Map. Because you can keep folding or 'breaking' the map, new information appears every time. If you fold the map four times, you will return to the beginning of the map. The Break Card from Festo comes in a matching envelope that looks very neutral on the outside. There are images on the inside of the envelope that are not visible in the card, so this gives business partners more insight into what Festo does and what's on at The Week of Productivity. This double-sided full-colour printed envelope makes this direct mailing a cohesive whole.

Break cards are available in different formats. For example, there is a Break Card in business card format, but also in brochure format (20 by 20 centimetres). There is a suitable format of this fun direct mail for every message. By designing all surfaces and sides of the Breaking Card in your house style, this mailing will not only be original and unique, but also suitable for your company. In addition to the full-colour printed break card, you complete the whole with a full-colour printed envelope. This way the envelope already stands out from the rest of the mail.

Break card as a business invitation for your company?

Do you also think the Turning Card or Breekkaart is a nice card to use for business direct mail? This is of course possible. Please contact one of our employees to request a quote. The Break Card can be used for various purposes. You can use it as a business invitation, as Festo has done, as an informative direct mail, as an end-of-year mailing or as an anniversary announcement or discount coupon. There are many more ways to use the Turning Card, see the cases for more direct mail examples. Have you seen another direct mail product on our website? Ask about the possibilities by contacting us or request a quote without obligation.