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Make a great first impression with LocoMails striking business cards. Usually business cards have two sides: the company logo on the front and contact information on the back. What a shame! There are so many options to give your business cards a unique touch. Just like the team of SEP, which used the Never End Cards to leave a creative first impression with the receiver.

Benefits of striking business cards

With the Never Ending business cards, you have four sides to put information, pictures and logos on. Every fold reveals new information about you and your company. This playful effect increases the attention value of your business cards. People will be curious what's behind the next fold. The cards are to be folded endlessly, due to the patented folding technique.

Distinguish yourself and your employees by handing out these remarkable business cards. Potential clients and business relations will see that you stand out. The Never Ending business cards leave an extraordinary first impression: something you aim for when doing business.

Never Ending Business Card

Options for the Never Ending business card

SEP chose to put their mission, vision and keywords on the business cards. This is a simple way to inform the receiver about your business. SEP is a network organization of professionals. They learn organizations how to learn and they help them achieve their goals.

Besides the standard data as contact information and company logo, SEP used the words vision, connect, change and after all to let people know what they do. Together with a brief summary of the organization this tells receivers of the striking business cards exactly what they stand for. Of course your corporate design can be applied on each page. For example, SEP used elements of the logo on each page.

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