Stand out with a can

Inviting customers to a trade fair in an original way is often done with a custom card. Ubbink Doesburg specializes in energy efficiency and a good indoor climate for buildings. Last year, the 'Flue Gas Discharge' Division wanted to invite its target group to the VSK in a striking and more original way. They ended up with LocoMail's BliQje. Not only the distinctive character of the BliQje was decisive, but also the fact that the BliQje arouses the curiosity of the recipient, so that it certainly does not disappear unopened with the waste.

Ubbink and the tin

The campaign theme and logo 'Long live progress!' with, which should emphasize Ubbink's innovative character, was also used for the invitation. The tin containing the invitation is made of aluminum and opens with a sliding system. It is useful that the can can be used more often. The address sticker is on the front, the Ubbink logo again on the back. Because the recipient will probably keep the can, the company name comes up again and again. Ubbink said that the tin was positively appreciated.

Striking packaging

The tin has a high attention value, a striking packaging that also stands out in the mail and is an effective tool for a mailing. The BliQjes are available in three variants: Regular, Pull Open and Slide open. The BliQjes have an address sticker so that an envelope is not necessary. With the BliQje you have a very original and versatile direct mail that can be adapted to your wishes, so it is extremely suitable for various occasions.