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This year we got acquainted with King's Day new style! And that went well everywhere! Not a stately tour through the city, but a party. The princes went wild on the music of Afrojack and Nielson, among others. Dordrecht attracted between 20,000 and 25,000 visitors this King's Day. In Amsterdam itself there were a quarter of a million visitors! An occasion or holiday such as King's Day is the perfect opportunity for direct marketing. The Kroontjes 'King of Pop' from Radio 10 are a direct marketing example from the booklet.

King's Day is not possible without Kroontjes and Radio 10 has understood that well. Instead of using orange Crowns on this national holiday, they had the Crowns printed with the logo and colors of Radio 10. In addition, the message 'King of Pop' on the Crowns, and the Crowns are completely tailored to the brand . Radio's DJs were literally crowned 'King of Pop'. But only for a day.

Radio 10

The message and brand were easy to see and clear. Plus the green also stood out nicely against the Orange colored crowd. On the Faberplein in Nijmegen, the Kroontjes were central to the DJ booth. Can not be missed. Subsequently, Radio 10 not only used the Kroontjes physically as direct marketing. They also spread the Kroontjes through Social Media. For example, several photos have been shared on Twitter on which the Kroontjes can be seen. And the Kroontjes also came back on Facebook! The attention via the Internet made the direct marketing example stronger. Online and Offline channels complemented each other. As said, a direct marketing example from the book!

Crowns can of course be used for several holidays, such as the European Championship or World Cup. When many people are together is the ultimate opportunity for direct marketing. Think big: an entire stadium or a square full of crowns with your company name. No doubt your company will get attention! Would you like to know more about the possibilities of the Kroontjes? Leave one of your own Crown to make!

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