Case Direct Mailing Bottle Post Paal 50

Paal 50 is an event agency whose goal is to let everyone experience the island of Vlieland in a unique way. For various occasions, the organization offers activities on the beach, in the dunes and in the woods. You can think of, for example, GPS tours, kite surfing, mountain biking and Expedition Robinson from the popular television program. In addition to these activities, Paal 50 also offers a food truck for lunch, drinks or a barbecue in the dunes of Vlieland. To draw attention to the possibility of holding a company outing at Paal 50, LocoMail used a special means of communication that was able to convey this message particularly well.

Bottle mail communication tool

Paal 50 has opted for the Message in a Bottle to deploy. The sticker on the bottle reads “Flush on!”. This message naturally fits in perfectly with the special means of communication. The bottle contains a double-sided full color printed card, which also clearly conveys the message: “Your company outing on Vlieland? For this you prefer to beach at Paal 50!”. By combining the message well with a special means of communication, it reaches the recipient extra well. This arouses curiosity, there is a higher attention value and you have an even higher chance of more customers responding to the call-to-action.

A special means of communication with a clear message

The sticker on the bottle and the front of the card are used for the message. The back of the card contains all the information the recipient needs to know about booking a company outing at this event agency. The Bottle Mail invitation offers plenty of communication space for both information and images. This makes the Bottle Mail a special means of communication.

The example above clearly shows the advantages of aligning the message with the direct mailing. Take a look at our direct mailings to see which product effectively matches your message. In addition to the Message in a Bottle, you can, for example, opt for the Birdhouse if you want to share a sustainable message. The Pop-up House reinforces the message of an organization that is moving and use the ChangeCard if your organization wants to present a new house style.

Do you have questions about which products best fit your message? Or do you want to know how you can process this message most effectively on the special means of communication? Then please contact one of our employees.