Case Direct Mailing Sinterklaas Surprise game BliQje

The Sinterklaas Surprise game, we can't ignore it anymore. Every year more, every year more fun and every year a gift to get, let alone to play it. Commissioned by Zonder Streepje, LocoMail has again produced the coolest game this year to make Sinterklaas evening a success. The game, consisting of 24 game cards, 36 assignment stickers, provides a full evening program with lots of fun and laughter.

The Sinterklaas Surprise game is available online and in various gift shops throughout the country. This edition of the surprise game has been expanded with a sleeve with all the necessary information plus a unique code that you get for even more downloads. In short, buying or receiving the Sinterklaas Surprise game is a real gift!

And that the Sinterklaas Surprise game works for itself is clearly reflected in the reviews on the website;

“Finally a fun game with which all parents and the media have an answer to the December stress that strikes every year!”

“The Sinterklaas Surprise game is all about being together. So it's nice to be together, just like the Sinterklaas party is meant to be!"

“With this Sinterklaas game, everyone has a turn all evening. The assignments are also super fun and keep the kids busy. Finally you can celebrate the evening in peace again...''

Want to celebrate Pakjesavond in a fun and friendly way with the whole family? You own the Sinterklaas Surprise game for €19.95.

The BliQje

The BliQje als Sinterklaas Surprise game is not direct mail as we often see it. It BliQje has been used as a collection box, packaging, for the game cards. In addition, for the sale of the Sinterklaas surprise game, it was decided to offer the BliQje in a wrapper. The wrapper gives the BliQje a chic look, makes the game look exclusive and also provides more communication space. In this way, more information about the game can be communicated, and it is not necessary to open the game in the store out of curiosity about the content.

Curious how the BliQje or one of our other direct mail products fits your communication expression? Then please contact one of the employees. They can tell you everything about the products and think along with you about which direct mail is most suitable for your message.