Case Direct Mailing Package Royal Canin

Not a direct mailing product but a complete direct mail package! That's what Royal Canin put in for their biggest campaign of the year. Royal Canin is a cat and dog food brand that is known worldwide. ”Knowledge of and respect for animals is more than a slogan for Royal Canin. By putting the dog and cat at the center, we have been bringing food to the market that is tailored to their specific needs for more than 40 years.” Through this campaign, 600,000 potential customers are actively sent to pet shops via various channels. Various discount codes and coupons can be found in the package. In addition, information about the various promotions can also be found in the box.

Direct Mail Package

The direct mail package produced for Royal Canin is completely customized through concept development. The direct mail products have been given a new look through the concept development. For example, the content of the box is derived from the Pop-up Card and insert card. The Pop-up Card used in Royal Canin's direct mail package is completely adapted to Royal Canin's message and target group. The Pop Up is not standard but cut out in the shape of a dog and a cat. The different Pop-up fits perfectly with Royal Canin. The Pop Up section also does not appear when the direct mail is unfolded, but when the box is opened, the dog and the cat immediately catch the eye.

In addition to the Pop-up Card, the box also contained an insert card with a free coupon. The information about all promotions can be found on the Z-Card, especially for the concept development of Royal Canin. A handy and compact way to offer all practical information about the promotions. By unfolding the Z-card, a mountain of information emerges. This way, recipients of the direct mail package are well informed.

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Direct mail package for Royal Canin.