Direct Mailing BliQje Sealing

LocoMail attaches importance to the quality of direct mailings. Because of our experience over the years and feedback from our clients we improve our mailings time and time again. In this news blog we draw attention to sealed printed matter: we offer this service, but what are the benefits of sealing a DM? We tell you more about this in this news blog.

Sealed instead of a sticker

For over 12 years we have provided both large and small businesses with the most unique direct mailings. Besides usual packaging items, such as envelopes, stickers are used to prevent postal items from opening.

An alternative for the sticker is to seal the printed matter as shown below. The metal tin, better known as the Message in a Tin, is normally closed with a sticker but we have sealed it for our client. The final result is a good one: the sealed Tins look professional and fancy.

sealed printed matter to prevent it from damaging

Sealed printed matter

Not just the Message in a Tin can be sealed. Various kinds of our direct mail items can be sealed. Thanks to the seal it is possible to add an additional card to your favorite mailer. Instead of inserting it into the envelope, the additional card will be sealed together with the product. The same goes for the addressing: this can be processed in the seal as well!

An example of a different product that LocoMail has sealed for a client is the Crown. Sealing this mailer assured the recipient of receiving the item without any damages. Another benefit is that the receiver immediately notices the unique aspect of the mailing instead of having to open the envelope first.

sealed printed matter Crown

Seal your printed matter

Not all our product can be sealed. For example, our Pop-up mailers still need their special envelope for the pop-up mechanism to work. Are you curious about the benefits of sealing your intended mailer? Please don't hesitate to contact us, our employees are happy to give you more information!