Example mailing new customers

Examples of mailing for new customers

If you are looking for great ideas to reach new customers, you can get started with a mailing. When you look at a nice example for new customers, you can, for example, look at a change card. An ordinary card can still be fun or send a card with music. In addition, there are also special options that can better suit your message. It's nice to go through all the possibilities.

Send a change card

A good example of a mailing for new customers is the change card. This is actually more than a card. Thanks to the slat effect, you can put two different messages on itslide card Goodfuels lost. On the one hand you have the card you start with, but if you pull the tab, a completely different card will appear. That also means that you can do a lot with it. So it is definitely worth looking at how you can use this to tell your message.

There's music in it

Another example of a mailing for new customers is the music card. This can be very interesting, especially because you stimulate more senses in this way. What is of course a particularly attractive advantage of this is that you can adjust the music to the message you want to send. When you can add music to it, you increase the chance that everything will stick. That is of course also an important advantage, you can achieve a lot with it.

Choose a regular ticket

It is also possible to send a normal card. That is perhaps the standard example of a mailing for new customers. It often doesn't have to be complicated at all. You can make sure that you still get attention in a very simple way. This has been working this way for many years and will continue to offer plenty of opportunities in the years to come. So it is definitely worth looking into whether you might be best off with the simple card on which you can get your message across.

Using pop-up techniques

An example of a mailing for new customers is also the pop-up. The nice thing about this is that there is an element of surprise in it, which is of course very attractive. That way you can ensure that you are directly in the front of the mind of the potential customer. It is very nice if you can take care of this with a relatively easy gesture. In any case, it is worth taking a look at what is possible with this technique, you will certainly be surprised in a positive way.

More than one page

Wouldn't it be easy if you had a little more space on the card? Therefore the Turning Card also an example of a mailing for new customers. This is the kind of card that consists of several pages, giving you the opportunity to convey more than one message. It gives you the opportunity to tell a story, allowing you to include your customers in your story. That is a very interesting way to introduce someone to your company.

With a gift

Another option is the card with gift, this is also called the letterbox gift. Small gadgets and gadgets have always been attractive options to give to potential customers. If you can do this by post, then you have a good example of a mailing for new customers. It is a good way to ensure that you offer more than just a sales story, you also give something away immediately. So that can also be attractive.

Countless other possibilities'

These were just a few examples of a mailing to new customers. Much more is possible. What is especially important is that you look at what fits well with the target group. And then tap into that. It is precisely by getting started with a mailing that you can very easily explore various options. This makes it very well possible to appeal to all kinds of target groups.