Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Around Rabobank

Continuously attracting the attention of your recipient, how do you ensure this? Rabobank did it with the Ronde Turning Card. You can read here why this card is such a success and how it keeps the recipient's attention!

Rabobank Turning Card

With the Round Turning Card Rabobank informed the recipient about the way in which they handle customer data. To immediately attract attention, the well-known colors of Rabobank have been used and the logo is on the front. In addition, it immediately becomes clear what this direct mailing will answer, namely: 'Dealing with customer data. What does that mean?'

When the Round Turning Card Rabobank is turned open, the first information comes into view. Because information can be placed in all areas, there is a lot of space for the communication message. By using your own house style, as Rabobank has done, your message is conveyed to visitors in an enthusiastic and personalized manner. In addition, it gives a professional look. A smart way to draw attention to important information.

The Round Turning Card has no less than four pages that can be filled with different images and texts. This direct mailing can be rotated indefinitely, so new information is always displayed and you continue to attract the attention of the recipient.


Is a Round Turning Card Rabobank also something for you? This direct mailing can be fully adapted to your wishes. Due to the weight and size, the postage costs will remain low. We at LocoMail like to think along with you. Would you like to receive a sample? Then ask our sample box On! Or would you rather receive a quote? Then ask for one without obligation quotation On!