Case Direct Mailing Music Card Large Redbull

To announce a podcast, Red Bull has a Popup Sound Card have it produced at LocoMail. You can listen to the 'Red Bull lecture', as the podcast is called, via Spotify and Apple Music. Are you curious about this product? Then read on!

music card-redbull

As soon as you open the card, a voice tells you what to expect from the podcast. On the map, Red Bull tells you where you can listen to the podcast, what kind of people you can expect on the podcasts, when the podcasts will be put online and which topics will be covered. All in all, lots of information. That is one of the advantages of this Pop-up sound card. You can put a lot of information on it.


Red Bull has thought carefully about the design in conjunction with their image. Most people think of the color blue when they think of Red Bull and they have certainly reflected this in the design.

Direct mail can be used for many different purposes. Companies mainly use direct mail to thank the recipients or to introduce a new product or collaboration. Direct mail from LocoMail distinguishes itself from normal mailings, because the unique style and surprise effect of the direct mail means that the mailing has a higher attention value. By means of direct mail you can quickly reach a large group of people.

Curious about the possibilities?

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