Case Direct Mailing Puzzle Card

How do you do you celebrate national Secretary day in a suitable way? The Koning Willem I College in the Netherlands organized a special event to show their secretaries their appreciation. Today we will discuss this Puzzle Card direct mail example. How did they pull-off creating the perfect mailing? Read all about it down below.

Puzzle Card Direct Mail Example

Puzzle Card Direct Mail Example: Invitation

In 1989 the first Secretary Day was held in the Netherlands. This phenomenon originated from the United States of America where the yearly tradition of recognizing the value of secretaries started even earlier. In 2017 the Koning Willem I College decided to celebrate the national day for the first time. Back then they chose the original Out of the Box mailing as an invitation. The following year they went with the Puzzle card for the invitation of the 2018 edition of their celebration. Inside the lid of the Puzzle box the details of the program were printed. When the recipient had put all the puzzle pieces together, the special key-speakers of the day would be visible.

The specifics for this mailing are as follows:

  • Measurements Puzzle mailing: A5
  • Measurement Box: 120x120x25mm
  • Weight: 74g 

Other options

The ellaborate element of surprise of the Puzzle mailing lends itself perfectly for the announcement of an event or maybe even to announce a new product. Therefore, this case is only one Puzzle Card direct mail example, but this mailing can be used for many other occasions as well. Because we specialize in unique direct mail products we can definitely help you find the perfect mailing product for your goal. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help you. Click here to get a free sample kit.