Case Direct Mailing ChangeCard Slat Card Senzora

Product presentation-Senzora invitation

Senzora uses the ChangeCard as intended. With a clear interaction of the slats, the message cannot be missed; a lot has changed in the field of washing. The product presentation on the mailing is linked to an invitation to the PLMA in Amsterdam. This offers the recipient of the mailing the opportunity to get acquainted with the new product at the event. Curious how exactly Senzora used the ChangeCard for the product presentation? Then read on quickly.

Product presentation and change shown on the ChangeCard

A message like Senzora's, with the introduction of a new product, coupled with an invitation to an event would not attract as much attention through other channels. With the presentation of the product on a mailing like the ChangeCard, the slat effect can play into the hands of a reference to the old situation, without this distracting from the introduction of the new product. On the entire page where the slat effect takes place, a situation is sketched as one knows it from the past. An old lady who does the laundry by means of a washboard. The entire page has been used for this image. When the image changes, part of the image changes to a fresh presentation with the new product.

Product presentation-senzora-invitation-changecard

In addition to space for the product presentation, the ChangeCard also offers sufficient space to communicate any explanations. In the Senzora example, the entire mailing has been used; a message can be found on the outside, inside and back of the mailing.

Presenting your product by means of a physical mailing?

Due to the graphical freedom in terms of the layout of the mailings, all our direct mail products can be used for a product presentation or invitation to an event. These can of course also be goals in themselves, and do not necessarily have to be linked as in the case of Senzora. Have you seen a mailing product that fits perfectly with your message? Request a quote without obligation. Would you like to discuss which product best suits your message? Then please contact one of our employees. They are happy to inform and advise you in the field of sending a striking and successful mailing.