Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up House VEKA Holland

VEKA Netherlands has it Pop-up Cottage used to make the Softline 82 NL known to its target group. Softline 82 NL is a durable window system that can be used for quality improvement and cost savings. To publicize this system in an original way and to obtain a high attention value, VEKA Netherlands has used the Pop up House. This direct mailing fits in very well with the products of VEKA Netherlands, as windows could be used in the house. For example, the company incorporated extra windows in the design, and then added the strong points of the system. Because the direct mailing fits in well with the message, the message will come across particularly well to the target group.

For the surprise effect of the mailing, it is necessary that there is an envelope around the Pop-up House. The Pop up Card jumps out of the envelope when the target group opens it! To make the target group curious about what is in this envelope, VEKA Nederland has chosen not to have it printed on the outside. After opening the envelope and the card has popped out, you will find another insert card. It provides additional information about renovating with this system. Further information can be found on the inside of the envelope under the insert card.

Pop up House direct mailing VEKA

Using the Pop-up House as a striking direct mailing

The Pop up House is one of our many variants of Pop up Mailings. This direct mail can be used in all sectors and for all target groups. Naturally, this mailing is best suited to the announcement of a move or opening, or if you work in the housing or mortgage market. In addition to this version of the Pop up House, we also offer a longer version of this direct mail. Or make the direct mailing functional right away by choosing the option to use the skylight as a pen holder.

The walls and the roof can be completely designed according to your message. This allows you to lose a lot of information. Would you like to provide your target group with more information? Just like VEKA Netherlands, use an extra insert card. The envelope, measuring 134 by 190 millimetres, can also be printed single-sided or double-sided in full color in your house style. In short, there are plenty of options direct mailings!

Do you have any other questions? Then please contact one of our employees. Together we create a direct mailing that perfectly matches your message!