You sometimes see them in museum shops: Printed puzzles. Fun for young and old. It is less known that every company can easily have those puzzles made themselves. A jigsaw puzzle with photo or image can easily be sent to LocoMail. LocoMail in Utrecht prints puzzles from 40 pieces for invitations, souvenirs, promotional material and as a unique mailing.

Puzzle as a souvenir

People are willing to pay for a puzzle, but it has to contain something interesting. So many companies that want to sell the puzzle as a souvenir opt for a nice plate, with their logo in a corner. Think of a painting, a luxury car or boat or a cityscape. Making puzzles becomes so much fun as a souvenir.

Puzzle as an invitation

An invitation to a special party, such as an anniversary, company party or company outing, requires an original approach. A printed puzzle is then extra original. The recipient only knows what he has been invited to when he has put the puzzle together. In this way, the customer, relation or employee is more involved with the invitation. This makes the message stick longer. Moreover, such an original invitation generates nice reactions.

Puzzle as promotional material

Making the puzzles is easy, original and people will not easily throw away such a puzzle. An ideal promotional product for a company. And whether you let people pay for it, or give the puzzle away for free, the customer almost always responds positively.


The LocoMail puzzles are made of linen pressing, which gives them a chic look. The Puzzles can be ordered in both large and small numbers. You already have a personal Puzzle from 20 pieces.