Case Direct Mailing BliQje Kofte Kanto

Commissioned by Kofte Kanto, Brandmerk Communicatie has provided a unique canned mailing. Kofte Kanto is a company that brings Turkish culture to the Netherlands through art and food. They do this largely by profiling themselves at events, including festivals.

Kofte Kanto has used the BliQje pull-open, with tab, and a different insert card. The insert card could be unfolded and provided with a timeline with important milestones: the origin of the company, the start with the sale of organic food and a preview of 2014. In a unique way, they have recorded all this information on a insert card.

Why a canned mailing?

The BliQje is unique in its kind. By opting for a canned message, your customer has to make an effort to unfold the message. A full color label will be placed on the front of the BliQje, which triggers to open the message in the can. The BliQje contains an insert card, which can be printed on one or both sides. The BliQje can be put on the letterbox without an envelope and is guaranteed to stand out in the mail.

Enthusiastic about this striking mailing? You can read all about the canned message on the product page. You can also request a sample of the BliQje free of charge. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, please let us know.

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