Oticon Music Card

Strengthen your message by using a music card for an event. Oticon, a supplier of hearing aids, has handled this perfectly. For example, they linked the sound fragment of the direct mail to their new hearing aid. You can read exactly how they did this in this blog.


Oticon strives for a world where hearing loss is not a limitation. They want to achieve this, among other things, by developing leading hearing aids and accessories, such as their new hearing aid ''Oticon More''. This hearing aid is designed to deliver the full sound scene to people with hearing loss.

To inform Dutch professionals about this new device, they organized an online and offline event. The music card was used to invite them to this. The sound played “We Want More” refers to the new “Oticon More” hearing aid. This is an original way to link a sound fragment to a product or service of your company. In addition, there are two QR codes on the direct mail, one that leads to the registration form for the physical event and one to that of the online event. This way you lower the threshold for the recipients to sign up.

Possibilities Music card

When the card is opened, the sound is played immediately. This will immediately attract attention and pique the curiosity of the recipient. This sound fragment can, for example, consist of a speech recording or music. The card can be used as an invitation to an event, to announce something new or to convey a personal message. In addition, the card is available in different sizes and shapes.

Interested in using a music card for your customers, colleagues or employees? Look at here all possibilities. It is also possible to have one sample box to receive or to receive a quotation to request. We are happy to help you!