Case Direct Mailing Mini T Shirt

Direct mail is a perfect way to promote your product. Direct mail focuses on a selected audience which makes it an effective way of marketing. By using an original direct mail the receiver will be surprised. Promoting with DM through post will be more valued than promoting with DM through e-mail. The purpose of a DM is to gain a response from the receiver. Read for more information about other direct mail cases.

Promote with DM

We often see companies promoting their product or services with DM, something we see less is this being applied in health care. Kyntheum used the Mini T-shirt as a direct mail to promote their product. Kyntheum is a medicine which is used to treat psoriasis. The T-shirts were used to draw more attention to the product Kyntheum. What makes the example of Kyntheum special is that the T-shirts come in a box on which the medicine is also promoted.

The Mini T-shirt can be used as a DM but also as an invitation or a special offer. The T-shirt offers endless possibilities. You can print your own design or logo on the front and the back of the T-shirt. The T-shirt is available in different colours.


Personalize your DM

What makes the Mini T-shirt so special is that you have the possibility to add a clothes hanger on which you can hang the Mini T-shirt. LocoMail also offers the possibility to add a matching card which can be, by using a keylock, attached to the Mini T-shirt. There are also endless possibilities with the box. You can leave the box blank but also print your full color design on it, so the box will stand out even more! The box can be closed with seals so it can be send directly.

Do you want to promote your product or services with direct mail, but do you want to make sure to stand out? Then choose a Direct Mail in the shape of the Mini T-shirt. The receiver will be guaranteed surprised. Have a look on for more information.