Case Direct Mailing BliQje

With this distinctive direct mail, Dümmen Orange invites relations for the Kalanchoe challenges. To draw the attention of the receiver immediately, Dümmen Orange decided to choose a striking transport packaging. The design of the sticker is colorful and the text explains the message in a second so that the mailing shows its purpose directly. The combination of a strong design and a distinctive mailing product, make this direct mail an instant success.

Message in a Tin as a distinctive direct mail

The tin apart is already distinctive. This direct mail does not need to send in an envelope so that the mailing will stand out between the other postal items. There are two sorts of Tins: the pull- and slide open Tin. The pull-open Tin looks like a normal sardine tin. When the Tin is pulled open, the message will become visible. The pull-open sardine tin is a playful and distinctive mailing product. The advantage of the other version, the slide-open Tin, is that it can be kept. The effect of the slide-open Tin can be experienced endlessly. The slide-open Tin can later on also be used to store other things. Therefore, Dümmen Orange choose the slide-open version of the Tin as an event invite.

distinctive direct mail invitation

The sticker on the front of the Tin can be designed in your own corporate identity. Dümmen Orange choose to show the message of the direct mail directly on the sticker. However, it is also possible to keep the outside of the mailing a bit mysterious. When the receiver doesn't know what to expect exactly, you can attract his attention maybe even more.

There are also a lot of possibilities with the content of the Tin. Of course, the direct mail comes with a message. In both versions, it is possible to include a small card, the exact size of the card depends on the Tin version you decide to choose. Besides, because the lid of the slide-open Tin can come off in total, it is also possible to add a small gadget next to an additional card.

Dümmen Orange choose an additional card with two rills, which can be added to both the pull- and slide open Tin. Design the additional card in the same style as the sticker on the front to let the outside and inside of the direct mail match perfectly.


Sending distinctive direct mail?

Would you also like to send a distinctive direct mail as an invitation for an event? Please don't hesitate and take a look at all of our DM products. May you have any questions about personalization possibilities, prices or the surprise effect of our direct mails, feel free to contact us anytime. We gladly answer all of your questions or send a demo package so that you can experience the effect of our products yourself.