Attracting attention is the most important thing if you want to bind customers to you. You can email, but that will disappear in the spam. You can make an advertisement on TV, but people skip over it. What does work is effective direct mail, where you send a striking mail item to your customers.

This is not just a marketing pitch, but a seriously researched topic. PostNL conducted research into direct mailing and came to the conclusion that there are four main factors for effective direct marketing: attention, attractiveness, supply and action. Read the ultimate marketing tip below!

Tip1: Attention

Marketing tip 1: Make sure you immediately stand out in the post. This is not only about color and design, according to the research, but especially about the packaging. a message in a bottle, aluminum can or mega card, are of course much more noticeable in the mail than a flyer in plastic. So make sure that your product does not disappear from the rest of the post, but is 3D and…. Attracts attention!

Tip2: Attraction

A package can stand out, but no one wants to find a dead horse's head on the doormat. So make sure that the design is striking, but also appealing. Also pay attention to fashion colors. Was the hip color blue for a long time, because of facebook and twitter. Next season, the somewhat natural pastel colors are in trend. Typical Dutch scenes are also attractive this year, such as water, lawns, old inner cities.

Tip3: Offer

You must have something to offer the recipient and that must be immediately clear. So put it big: EXCLUSIVE INVITATION on the original direct mailing if it concerns a meeting, company party or fair.

If you send an e-mail in response to an action, let us know immediately. People do want to read, if the packaging is interesting, but they remain basically lazy. So make it clear what you have to offer and describe it as attractively as possible. Let the customer feel that he is special and that this offer/invitation is not just a promotion, but something you want to be part of/be part of.

Tip4: Action

Make it easy for people to take action. When you invite someone to a trade show, put a QR code on the invitation that goes directly to the registration page of the event. That way you make it easy for people to take action.

When it comes to a customer base, make another call. Send the direct mailing and call a week later to check what people think of the promotion. In this way you receive feedback yourself and, moreover, people are stimulated to take action.

In short, the ultimate marketing tip: Stand out, be direct, make a good offer and get people to respond!