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Last Wednesday during the PromZ event, LocoMail, formerly LocoMix, introduced its new company name to visitors of the Promz event. In addition to the new company name and renewed website, it also introduced three new mailing products: the ChangeCard, the Haxagoon and the Huisje. Both the introduction of LocoMail and the new DM products were well received. Conclusion: LocoMail successfully introduced at the PromZ Event

The name LocoMail says it all: crazy and striking mailings with a unique surprise effect, which stand out among the regular mail items. The attention to your message will therefore be drawn extra, so that the response is demonstrably higher than a digital mailing or a classic one direct mail. Our products and work processes have been developed and arranged in such a way that it is possible to complete both small and large productions in a short time.

Introduction of new DM products

LocoMail has introduced three new products. The ChangeCard: lightweight with a unique surprise effect. When the receiver pulls on the side, two images slide over each other, creating a new image.

In addition, two new variants of the Out of the Box: the Hexagon, which consists of 14 areas that can be printed in full colour. And the Cottage; an Out of the Box with a unique shape. Both DM products are popping out of the envelope as usual. On you can read all information about our striking direct mail products.

Socially responsible
LocoMail wants to keep the world beautiful for the next generation and therefore takes the environment into account. Only FSC paper, hardly any residual waste during production and we separate the waste we produce. LocoMail is located in the Utrecht Werkbedrijf. The ''UW'' offers work to people who fall just outside the labor market. In this way production remains in-house and LocoMail can guarantee fast turnaround times. A win-win situation for everyone.

Turning Card (Fair brochure PromZ)
During the PromZ event we received many questions and complaints about the Turning Card that was enclosed with the exhibition brochure. The Turning Card fell apart, causing visitors to wonder whether LocoMail is the producer of this card. To avoid confusion, the Turning Card is produced by a different company. LocoMail has been using one different production method for over 11 years.

Conclusion: LocoMail successfully introduced at the PromZ Event!