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Are you interested in the possibilities to bring your surprising mailing to life? In this news blog we will tell you all about the possibilities of combining your direct mail with Augmented Reality!

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual reality

Augmented Reality (AR), or augmented reality in Dutch, is often mentioned in the same breath as Virtual Reality (VR). However, there is indeed a difference between the two, a difference that is certainly important for the possibilities in combination with your direct mail.

The role of the 'real world' determines whether something can be called VR or AR. With VR, the real world is completely taken over by a virtual world. However, with AR, virtual elements are added to a live, direct or indirect image of reality. But reality continues to play a major role in this. If you combine your direct mail with AR, the mailing actually comes to life. One such interactive mailing with high attention value is a special way to surprise potential customers, relations or your employees!

Augmented Reality in combination with your Direct Mail

If you have never seen an example of direct mail combined with virtual elements before, the effect of this may be a bit difficult to imagine. But a few companies have already preceded you and the following example will give you a good idea of the result that such a combination could deliver. Commissioned by Comyoo, a specialist in interactive media, we have, for example, made a revolving cube for Open Doors. A good example of a company that has brought its mailing to life with Augmented Reality.

interactive twisty box mailing

The Twisty Box is a box that you unfold and fold back just as easily. To read the message on the six surfaces of the Twisty Box, the receiver unfolds the box with a twisting movement. A creative solution that is perfect to send as direct mail and a product that has a high attention value. At first glance, the Twisty Box direct mail looks like nothing more than a surprising mailing, but nothing could be further from the truth! There are two surfaces on the box with a person and the text 'view the video'. When the recipient takes out his or her mobile and opens the 'Layer' application, the surface on which the persons are depicted can be scanned.

Small anchor points have been incorporated into the texts on the box so that the application can retrieve the video. As soon as the application has scanned the intended area, the movie starts playing and the person on the box comes to life. These virtual elements are not only special, but also a very surprising addition to an already special mailing! In addition, it gives you an extra opportunity to communicate your message with your customer.

Interactive direct mail thanks to augmented reality

It is even possible to include a call to action in such a video. With this mailing, a click-through option has been incorporated in the video, whereby the recipient of the box is forwarded to the Open Doors website. But via your own interactive mailing you can of course also forward your customers to an application form, quotation page or contact form. An interactive mailing is therefore suitable for very different purposes!  

Curious about the possibilities for your own interactive mailing?

Have you become enthusiastic and curious about how you can combine your own direct mail with Augmented Reality? Please feel free to contact us. Our employees are happy to think along with you about a nice interactive concept! The possibilities are of course not limited to the Twisty Box and we are therefore happy to work with you to find the best direct mailing product for your interactive message.