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Last month, Canada released an investigation into direct mail. Phase5 has been commissioned by Canada Post researched the role of direct and digital mail in the lives of consumers. They also looked at the impact of both channels. The results of the survey are remarkably positive for direct mail.

Advantages direct mail

We have already explained the advantages of direct mail compared to the online mailbox on the homepage. The latest Phase5 research confirms what we said here: direct mail is respectful, stands out, is persuasive and makes a good impression. Phase5's research also makes it clear that an advantage of direct mail is that it has a long-lasting effect. The recipient keeps the direct mail, displays it on a desk or cabinet, and shares the message with others.

Furthermore, this research shows that the message on a sent direct mail, sticks better with the recipient. For example, 80% of respondents in the survey commissioned by Canada Post said they can recall direct mail sent to them in the past 4 weeks. 60% indicated that a good advertising mail helped to remember the brand promoted on the direct mail. In fact, 33% says that direct mail is the most effective way for them to remember a product or service.

Proven benefits of direct mail
Striking mail

A direct mail therefore stands out more than online communication. But the appearance of the physical mail is also important. 85% of the respondents indicate that they open the physical mail when it stands out and arouses interest. The recipient of the direct mail is more likely to experience feelings of joy, excitement, and enthusiasm with physical mail. Not only does this make customers feel valued, it also adds to the experience of receiving and opening the direct mail. Respondents to the survey indicated that they enjoy receiving a physical mailing twice as much as they enjoy receiving a digital form of advertising.

The effect and benefits of physical mail are already evident in themselves. But do you want to enhance the effect or ensure a long-lasting effect? Then go for one of LocoMail's striking and original direct mail products. In addition to the general benefits of direct mail, the surprise effect of, for example, the Out of the Box Card ensures that the attention span is extended. Because the recipient is triggered by the surprise effect when opening the mail, he is more likely to read the entire message on the mailing. An average consumer has an attention span of only 8 seconds, why not extend it?

Striking direct mail opens

Effect direct mail

In short, the message of the physical mail sticks around longer, the recipient feels valued and is excited to open and read the message. Sending a direct mail also has another advantage: the effect is long-lasting. The recipient saves the direct mail, displays it and shares the message with others. You can also extend and enhance this effect in an easy way. In addition to spreading your communication message, your direct mail can contain another function. Make the direct mail multifunctional by choosing a direct mail product with, for example, pen holes or a calendar. This way, the recipient will quickly place the direct mail on the desk.

In addition, an example of the effect of direct mail is the visitors that are driven to physical stores, websites or social media channels. The survey showed that 64% of the respondents visited a website in response to the direct mail received. 47% visited a physical store in response to the direct mail and 54% visited social media channels.

Send direct mail?

The effect of sending a physical mail has been confirmed by recent research. Are you planning an event soon and would you like to send an original business invitation? Then take a look at the direct mailing products from LocoMail. These can all be fully adapted to your wishes and communication message. Read this before writing your direct mail news blog. Curious about all the results of Phase5's research? Then read this one here.