You get attention with direct mailing by moving a card!

How do you put a lot of information in a direct mailing without the recipient losing attention? Make the map move!

The Movecard Mailing has nine sides that can be printed on, packed in a large card. That sounds complicated and that's what it is to make, but it is immediately clear to the recipient how the card works.

MoveCard example

By pulling a lip in the card, the cards on the inside rotate like a kind of carousel. This allows you to lose a lot of information, which still gets the attention of the reader.

Surprising card

A revolutionary way to transfer your mailing! At first glance, it looks like an ordinary piece of mail. However, by opening the envelope and slowly pulling the protruding card, the pages turn automatically. The receiver will be surprised by this effect and therefore pay more attention to the message.

Interested in the moving card?! Request one here free demo package On.