Case Direct Mailing BliQje Building Holland

Building Holland is an event aimed at the construction and real estate sector and aims to make the sector take the future into account. They want to achieve this by jointly responding to the rapidly changing market in a sustainable and innovative way. By using the BliQje, the target group was invited to attend this event. The direct mailing fits in perfectly with the main message of the original shipping packaging: “Are you ready for a look into the future?”

Building Holland has supplied a design for the sticker that fits well with its corporate identity and message. For example, the logo is clearly displayed on the BliQje, as is the message and name of the event. The interesting thing about this direct mail is that it is not sent in an envelope. The BliQje itself is also directly the shipping packaging. In this way, your house style, logo and message will be immediately visible to your target group. The address sticker is pasted on the back of the BliQje.

The BliQje itself contains the invitation to the event. There is plenty of space on this invitation for the communication message. When designing the card, Building Holland chose LocoMail's ability to personalize the cards. This is possible with all direct mailings from LocoMail. For example, every potential participant of the event received a card with a salutation in which his own name is stated. In addition, a map of the event has been chosen, and it is briefly stated why it is fun and interesting to attend the event.BliQje direct mailing personalized

The many possibilities of the BliQje

In addition to the options for the BliQje discussed above, there are a number of advantages associated with choosing the BliQje. For example, you can have a sample or other small product processed in the BliQje, provided the format allows it. For example, Building Holland has opted for a magnet that gives visitors a chance to win first tickets for the next event. In addition, you can choose from two variants of BliQje: pull open and slide open. Do you have a lot of information to share? No problem, you can opt for an extra insert card. Here too you can choose from various variants. Finally, you can also choose to have an extra wrapper placed around the BliQje, of course completely in your own design. The BliQje can be used as a give-away, as an invitation, as an announcement and for many other purposes.

Are you interested in it BliQje and are you curious about the possibilities? Please contact one of the LocoMail employees to discuss the possibilities. Or request a non-binding quote directly on the product page.