Case Direct Mailing Invitation HP

HP has used a wooden invitation as direct mail. They use it to invite their partners to a follow-up event of an HP event that took place digitally. The wooden invitation as direct mail can of course also be used for other (communication) purposes. An example is to introduce a new product to the customer or to promote an existing product.

On the outside of this wooden direct mail invitation you will see a paper seal with the HP logo on it. If you remove the seal you can open the box through the tabs at the bottom. When the box is opened you will see a form with the invitation to a follow-up event from HP. If you take out the form, you will see a bag of printed candy with the HP logo on it. Under the printed candy is a board on which they have printed a preview. That to make the recipient enthusiastic. HP has reflected the corporate identity of the company in the designed box. They put their logo on the outside and left the rest white. That fits well with the tight reputation that HP has. The inside of the wooden invitation direct mail is designed the same. This ensures that the design as a whole flows well together and looks professional.

The wooden invitation direct mail ensures that you can transfer information about an event or product to the recipient in a fun and modern way. The invitation is double printed with what you can expect from the event on one side and a logo on the other side.

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