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The TurningCard eye-catching folding special from LocoMail

TurningCard folding special

The TurningCard is a folding card and is a folding special. The Turning Card folding card looks like a normal card, but has no fewer than four sides. By folding the card every time, the 'secret' sides come to light.

The Turning Card is used, among other things, as an invitation to an event, announcing a new house style, as a brochure for companies and as a teaser at a trade fair. In addition, the TurningCard is suitable as an invitation for a company anniversary, a company relocation card, as an invitation for a company outing, an invitation for a business anniversary and direct marketing.

You can have this invitation printed with a photo, logo, own design and text. LocoMail has the expertise to help you with the design, text and design of direct marketing.

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