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The striking 5-card fold-out folder from LocoMail

5-Card fold-out folder Directmailing

The 5-Card Selfmailer is a fold-out folder or a cross-fold folder. With this original mailing, the complete message is not immediately visible. As the recipient unfolds the 5-Card fold-out folder further, the invitation literally unfolds from the card. A catchy message on the front will make the recipient of this (stamped) crossfold folder curious about the rest of the contents.

The 5 card Selfmailer fold-out folder is suitable as an invitation for a company anniversary, a company relocation card, as an invitation for a company outing, an invitation for a business anniversary and direct marketing.

The card can be printed on 10 surfaces. This includes the address area on the outside. The 5-Card self-mailer is closed with a seal.

You can have this invitation printed with a photo, logo, own design and text. LocoMail has the expertise to help you with the design, text and design of direct marketing.

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