Direct Mailing Twin Slider Sliding Card Feyenoord

How can you best reach a young target group? This is the question that football club Feyenoord was looking for an answer to. This turned out to be a striking and interactive direct mail in the form of a Twin Slider, also known as a sliding card. In this blog we tell you about the effect of the Twin Slider and all other possibilities.

Effect Twin Slider

Feyenoord's goal with this direct mailing was to continue to support the departing members of the junior club Feyenoord by means of a new membership. The Twin Slider offers with the surprising sliding effect the possibility to attract the attention of the target group. In this way, attention is held longer and the recipient will focus more on the content of the direct mailing. To immediately encourage the target group to take action, two QR codes have been added to the interactive direct mailing. By scanning these QR codes, the recipient is immediately redirected to the website of the relevant membership.

Possibilities Twin Slider

In addition to this example of the Twin Slider, we offer many more options for this sliding card. Think of one Sliding map tab where you can highlight different topics or explain information step by step. Do you have a lot of information that you want to convey? Then the Telecard maybe something for you. You can fill as many as four double-sided printed pages with text and images to reinforce your message. With this card, the ladder can be pulled further and further out of the envelope, so that the recipient gets to see more and more information.

If you have your own idea for a custom-made shape of the sliding card you have come to the right place. A unique format is the ideal way to ensure that the recipient immediately sees what the direct mailing is about and will absorb the information more quickly.

Interested in one of our Twin Slider products? Contact us for the possibilities or request one without obligation quotation On. We are happy to get started for you!