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Effective Curtain Card i

Commissioned by Stichting Kinderopvang West-Twente, LocoMail has developed a Curtain card produced as an announcement (read: introduction) for a new company name. Despite the new name being implemented in 2017, it was also used to incorporate a New Year's wish. In short, an effective mailing. In the switching pattern, a classic interaction has been used; old name vs new name.

The Lammellenkaart, Curtainkaart, also known as the ChangeCard can be used for many purposes. The eye-catching card is ideal for use as a moving card, the introduction of a new product or as an invitation to an event. When moving, for example, you can use a photo of the old and new business premises. You can see relationships in two strong, consecutive images, which is the message of the card.

The Curtain card can be printed in full color. Both on the outside and inside you have plenty of options to make optimal use of it by processing texts and visual materials, among other things. Please note that a name and address can also be printed on the cover. If you think the ChangeCard looks too much like advertising, it is also possible to upgrade the card with a matching envelope, which can be printed in full colour. Or a standard envelope is one of the options.

Product details

In addition to the unique surprise effect and the high attention value of the product, it has another advantage; the weight of the mail item. It only weighs 24 grams, which makes the card lightweight, and we can offer favorable postage costs. If you want to send a curtain card, this option is definitely worth considering. You can read all the possibilities on the product page of the Curtain card. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to request a free sample or a non-binding offer for your eye-catching mailing. What are you waiting for?