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Printed parking disc direct mail full color

The Printed Parking Disc direct mail is very unique. When you turn the rotating element at the bottom of the parking disc, the disc starts to move. Because the disc moves further and further, new information is constantly appearing. This means there is a lot of space for your communication message.

There are many options available for this unique Printed Parking Disc direct mail. The parking disc is available in different sizes and can actually be obtained in any size. The disc can also be visible on both 2 sides and 1 side. This means that it can be printed on both sides. This also applies to the card that contains the disc. All sides of the parking disc can be printed in full color with your own design and/or house style.

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Full color

Case Direct Mailing Parking Disc

All sides of this mailing can be printed in full colour. LocoMail has the perfect parking disc in its range for every wish and every budget. From luxury models with useful extras to somewhat cheaper simple parking discs.

Parking disc

Case Direct Mailing Parking Disc

The printed parking disc direct mail is the ideal business thank you to use during fairs, conferences, festivals and events. You bring your company name and message to the attention in an inexpensive way. An ideal business thank you suitable as direct mail.

Printed on two sides

Case Direct Mailing Parking Disc

Due to the large printing surface, there is a lot of advertising space for your brand, advertising message, campaign, slogan and/or logo. Because you can print information on both the front and back, this doubles the amount of advertising space.


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We can address your striking mailing. We can have the name and address details printed on the envelope at an additional cost. We leave it up to you whether you want to send the mailing yourself or via LocoMail.

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If desired, we can send your eye-catching mailing. Depending on the product, quantity and lead time, we can determine which shipping service suits you best.

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