Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cottage Stater

The small house for Stater is a great example of a customizable invitations. Not only is the Pop-up House totally customized, it also holds a special feature. Stater contacted us because they wanted to create an original invitation for their 20 year jubilee. Besides an original invitation they wanted to add a separate entrance ticket for their event to the mailing. To make sure that the entrance ticket looks like it is part of the direct mail items, an extra handling is added to the production of the Pop-up House. After the Pop-up House was assembled, the entrance ticket was tagged to one side of the roof with a glue flake. This way, the entrance ticket can easily be pulled from the direct mail. This will come in handy for the receivers since they will need to bring the entrance ticket with the to the event.

Pop-up Houses as customizable invitations

The added entrance ticket that is attached to the roof of the Pop-up House is a great example of a customizable invitations with unique features. However, the Pop-up House itself is already being used a lot as a business invitation. It is often used for communication messages related to real estate. Such as an invitation for a new business premises or as promotion material for broker agencies.

statre customisable invitations

The Pop-up House is available in two sizes. Stater has chosen for the smallest version. However, there are also various examples of companies whom choose the larger Pop-up House. The concept of both the smaller and larger version is the same. Both Houses have a unique pop-up effect, both can be customized in any way you'd like and both versions look like a little House. However, the larger version gives you the possibly to let a roof window be inserted in the design. The roof window can, for example, be used as a pen holder. Your customized mailing is not only informative, but also functional. No matter if you choose the small or large version of the pop-up house, both are great when being used as a customized business invitation.

Customized mailing examples

We produce all sorts of direct mails, for both small and large companies, since 2003. Would you like to know how and for what purposes other companies use our mailing products? Take a look at our other cases to see tons of examples. Recent productions will be explained here supported with images of the mailing. Do you have an idea for your own direct mail or have you seen a great example somewhere else? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd like to think along with you in creating your own unique customizable invitations or direct mails.