Customer loyalty

Increase customer loyalty with direct mailing: Examples from LocoMail

At a time when competition between companies is fiercer than ever before, customer loyalty is crucial for retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. An effective way to increase customer loyalty is through direct mailing. At LocoMail, we specialise in direct mail and offer several products to increase customer loyalty, including the sliding card and the pencil hexagon.

Slider Card

One of the products we offer at is the slide card. This card is perfect for sending personalised messages to customers. The sliding card features a sliding mechanism that allows different messages, images or offers to be displayed. This allows the recipient to have an interactive experience and makes the message stick longer. By using a sliding card, companies can engage their customers with their brand in a fun and playful way.

Pen tray Hexagon Sample ChangeCard end-of-year mailing Cheers Prosecco

Another product we offer to increase customer loyalty is the pen tray hexagon. This is a unique and practical gift that companies can give to their clients. The pen box hexagon is a stylish and functional way to store pens and other office items. By personalising the gift with the company's logo, the recipient can be reminded of the company on a daily basis. This can contribute to higher customer loyalty.

Advantages of direct mailing

Direct mailing offers several advantages over other marketing methods.

  • First, it is more personal and targeted. Companies can tailor the message and design of the direct mailing to the recipient, making them more engaged with the message and the company.
  • Second, direct mailing is measurable. Companies can track and analyse the response to direct mailing, giving them insight into the effectiveness of the campaign and adjusting it if necessary.
  • Third, direct mailing is cost-effective. Companies can use direct mailing to send targeted offers and promotions to a specific audience, increasing the likelihood of higher response and conversion rates. Moreover, direct mailing is relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing methods, such as TV and radio advertising.

Using direct mailing can also help increase customer loyalty. By sending personalised messages to customers, a company shows that it values the customer and is committed to providing good service and products. This can increase customer satisfaction and feelings of loyalty towards the company.

Example: LocoMail helps a fitness centre increase customer loyalty Case Direct Mailing Turning Card Folding Card

Imagine a fitness centre wants to increase customer loyalty and engages to set up a direct mailing campaign. We can then use the slider card to display personalised messages and images of the fitness centre. For example, the slide card can show the different fitness programmes offered by the fitness centre, as well as offers for new customers. This may make recipients interested in the fitness centre and possibly choose to become members.

Another example of direct mailing you can use to increase customer loyalty is with the pen tray hexagon. The pen tray can be personalised with the fitness centre's logo and used as a gift for existing customers. This can help customers keep their desks neat and organised while reminding them of the fitness centre.

Consider direct mailing as an effective way to increase customer loyalty and grow your business

Customer loyalty is crucial for companies that want to grow and thrive in a competitive market. Direct mailing is an effective way to increase customer loyalty by sending personalised messages and gifts to customers. LocoMail offers several products, such as the slider card, Pop-up Cube, Turning Card and pen hexagon, which companies can use to engage their customers and remind them of their brand.

Using direct mailing has several advantages, such as personalised and targeted communication, measurability and cost savings. It can also help increase customer loyalty by showing appreciation and commitment to good service and products. Companies can consider using direct mailing as part of their marketing strategy to increase customer loyalty and grow their business.