Case Direct Mailing Out of the Box Pop Up Cube

A commercial mailing like you have never seen before. The design is striking. The surfaces are not designed per space, but as a whole. So the design splashes out over the different surfaces of the cube. This way, a playful effect has been established. With three colors and two clear statements, Lakarsk chooses for a very special and minimal way of advertising. This will definitely draw the attention. Because, when you are not triggered by the pop-up effect of the cube, then, it is the design that will make you curious about whom the receiver is. The only clue that can be found on the cube is the URL


Offline commercial mailing with online referral.

The landing page, of which the URL is mentioned on the commercial mailing, is designed in the same style as the cube. On this page the cube is showed in an interactive 3d view, which the reader, by dragging the mouse, can rotate. On this page, Lakarsk shows even more. A mental game with a purple polar bear requires the readers to think. Because, who will think about your annual financial statement and end-of-term marks when you would rather not? All administrative tasks where you would rather not think about, they will! After a few seconds you will automatically be referred to the website of the accountant, and how can you not read into their services.

Out of the box used as advertisement

When we look at all the different ways the Out of the Box mailing has been used, we see that not one mailing is the same. A lot of companies choose to design the six surfaces in the same style but separate, but there are also companies, such as Lakarsk, that choose to design a creative Out of the Box. The cube has various possibilities concerning design, communication and objectives. Are you interested in using this product for your own commercial mailing? Than request a free sample through our website or a quotation of the direct mail. Besides, it is always possible to get more information and advice from one of our employees, please don't hesitate to contact us.