Tab card

In the world of business communication, every detail matters. If you company is looking for a smart and impressive way to present and organise information, the Tab Card is the ultimate partner for success. This innovative tabbed card is not only a handy organisation tool, but also an excellent choice for direct mailing, making your message stand out and impress.

The Tab card is suitable for various occasions. Among other things, this card can be used for sharing company information or announcing a new product. It allows companies to convey important information more effectively and maintain a professional image. Enthusiastic about the Tab card? Request a sample and/or quotation On!

Direct Mailing Sample Box
Locomail Mailing Quotation

Square Tab Slide Card with four tabs

Case Direct Mailing Square Tab slide card with four tabs

Sliding map tab

Case Direct Mailing Tab Slider Remeha

Tab Slider Map with Window

Case Direct Mailing Sliding Card Pradaxa

Discover the Power of the Twin Slider for Business Mailings

Looking for an effective way to share information and enhance your marketing campaigns? The Twin Slider is the solution for your business mailing needs. This clever slider card combines functionality with impact, making you stand out and get your message across in a memorable way.

Twin Slider: what is it?

The Twin Slider is an innovative sliding card designed to grab the attention of your target audience. With its unique mechanism, the card slides open to reveal two layers of information. This makes it ideal for presenting marketing materials, product details, offers and more.

Why Twin Slider for Direct Mail?

  1. Impactful: The Twin Slider impresses from the moment your recipient opens it. The sliding mechanism creates a surprise effect that holds attention.
  2. Versatility in Format: The Twin Slider is available in different sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your message. Whether you choose a compact version or a larger format for extensive information, we have it.
  3. Effective Information Transfer: With multiple layers to present information, you can tell your story in a structured and engaging way. Add images, text and graphics to reinforce your message.

Employ the Twin Slider for your Marketing Success

Whether you are planning a product launch, want to attract new customers, or engage existing ones, the Twin Slider gives you the opportunity to achieve your marketing goals. Make an impression with your business mailing and strengthen your brand image.

Choose the Twin Slider today and discover how to take your business mailing to the next level. Contact us to discuss how the Twin Slider fits perfectly with your marketing strategy.

Discover the power of the Twin Slider for direct mail and business mailing. Choose from different formats to present your information effectively and achieve your marketing goals.