Case Direct Mailing Flicker Book Corporate Mailing EyeOn

The Flicker Book, as a business mailing, has a special effect. When you extend the tab, the pages will automatically turn over. This gives it the opportunity to convey a lot of information. Because of this, it stands out from other types of direct mail. The company EyeOn used the card for their event: 'EyeOn Inspiration Day.' On the front, the focus is on the practical information such as the date. This event is intended for people working at leading international organizations. During this event, they will meet and share their ideas on the latest trends and developments. When you open the corporate mailing, it shows more information about the event. All this is entirely in style of their own corporate identity.

Why choose this business mailing

A corporate mailing is all about spreading a message in a special way. If you choose to do this, you immediately get the attention and it will not be forgotten soon. For that reason, EyeOn picked the Flicker Book. It gives a unique addition to the invitation whereby it really stands out. This type of creative print can be used for various marketing and communication expressions. Another advantage of the card is its compact size, the size is H9 cm x W18 cm. In addition, it weighs 20-50 grams which is an advantage for the shipping costs.

Flicker Book business mailing EyeOn


This direct mailing is an original way to transfer your information. The effect of the card will surprise the receiver, which immediately strengthens his attention. The Flicker Book has space for 9 double-sided pages that can be printed in full colour. Because of this, you have the opportunity to place a lot of text. EyeOn uses this corporate mailing to explain the purpose of the event and the activities and subjects that will come up. This gives the reader a good impression of what they can expect. In addition, all participants are requested to confirm their presence on the website. For more information, they refer to their website or you can send an e-mail. The last page of the Flicker Book contains an overview of all their participants of the Planning Inspiration Day.