You can now design your own bottle mail with a plastic flat bottle and a printed message. A very nice one direct mail which is well received by many people.

design your own bottle mail

Design your own message in a bottle
LocoMail is the only company in the Netherlands that prints the labels of the bottles with your own text, photo and/or logo. The message in a bottle is therefore not sent in an envelope, but 'bare'. As a result, the bottle immediately stands out between the rest of the mail on the doormat or in the mailbox.

The message in the bottle can also be printed with your own text, logo and/or photo. This also makes the message unique and original.

Order bottle mail

The message in a Bottle can be ordered from 20 pieces. The design can be made yourself with a template, but LocoMail also has a team of graphic designers and DTP specialists who can design your original invitation for you. This way you can be sure that you are sending a quality invitation as a direct mailing to your customer, relation, consumer or employee.