Case Direct Mailing BliQje Announcement NTF

With the distinctive direct mail BliQje, NTF announced that they were again at Gastvrij Rotterdam, the catering trade fair for ambitious catering professionals. In addition, they announced that they would be present at this fair with their new order module e-table. To immediately attract the attention of the recipient, bright orange and yellow colors have been used for the text on the sticker. Due to the black background color, the bright colors of the text immediately stand out. The text also immediately makes clear what it is all about, namely Hospitable Rotterdam. The combination of a strong design and a distinctive mailing product makes this a successful direct mailing.

BliQje Direct Mail Announcement Event NTF

Possibilities BliQje direct mail

It BliQje is distinctive in itself, but with a catchy text and a beautiful design, this direct mailing immediately stands out. As was done with this direct mailing with the text: 'A look at the digital future during Gastvrij Rotterdam.' In addition, you can also choose from two different types of BliQjes, namely between the pull- and slide-open. NTF has used the slide-open BliQje.

The pull-open BliQje looks like a sardine can and weighs 51 grams. By pulling the tab of the pull-open BliQje you open the BliQje and the message becomes clear. The advantage of the slide-open BliQje is that it can be stored. The effect of this direct mailing can therefore be experienced several times. The slide-open BliQje weighs 66 grams. In addition, the BliQje can be used to store and store things. For this reason, NTF chose the latter variant as an event announcement/invitation.

The sticker on the front of the BliQje direct mail can be designed in your own house style. You can also choose to place the message directly on the sticker or to keep the mailing secret. This so that the recipient becomes extra curious about the content of the email BliQje.

There are also many options regarding the content of the BliQje direct mail. Depending on the BliQje you have chosen, you can opt for different types of insert cards. For example, the pull-open BliQje cannot fit an insert card with a single crease, as this will not fit through the slot in the side of the mailing. The standard insert card is 135mm by 172mm. Because the BliQje can be opened, large cards or small gadgets can also be added to the mailing. Make the cards in the same style as the sticker on the outside of the BliQje to create a cohesive mailing.

Send a distinctive mailing?

Do you also want to send a striking and distinctive direct mail? Then view all our DM products. Have we aroused your curiosity about the BliQje? Then ask one sample and/or quotation On. If you have any questions about the personalization options, the prices or the effect, do not hesitate to contact us directly.