Case Direct Mailing BliQje KPN

KPN and Iris Mobile are focused on providing communication via fixed and mobile networks.
KPN has developed a new concept, KPN ONE, in collaboration with Iris Mobile. To effectively deploy this campaign, they have chosen to use the BliQje as an original means of communication.

All information about KPN ONE is collected in a pull open BliQje. The BliQje is provided with an insert card that clarifies the concept. Both the label on the front and the insert card are printed in full color in KPN's house style. The green tones attract the attention of customers so that they cannot avoid the BliQje.

Why BliQje as an original direct mailing product?

With ONE look it stands out among all mail items because it BliQje no envelope needed. In order to demand optimal attention, the front of the BliQje is provided with a full-colour printed label in your own design. This encourages the customer to explore the BliQje. In addition, the BliQje has an insert card that can also be printed in full colour, single-sided or double-sided. There is a suitable insert for every message because different sizes are available. This direct mail product is guaranteed to attract attention.

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