Case Direct Mailing BliQje Rivas

Rivas is a foundation that offers different types of care. Both at home, in a hospital or even maternity care. As a result, they offer a wide range of services. They have it BliQje used as direct mail to reach their target audience. It is connected in an original way, the BliQje supports their slogan.

Endless possibilities BliQje direct mail

On this direct mail is cleverly anticipated by using the product in the title, namely: 'Look at the future'. The BliQje comes with a full color label and a fun insert card. the insert card has a plano size of 44x9cm and the folded size is 12x9cm. There are several options available for the insert card: a smaller insert card for small groceries, a larger insert card for large groceries. One thing is certain, hIt is a unique direct mail. It can be used as a give-away, relocation card or as a marketing tool to draw attention to the opening of a new store. Hereit is a versatile direct mail with a high attention value. It is guaranteed to elicit a nice response from the recipient. A direct mail where the message sticks and arouses curiosity. Fast delivery, low print runs, attractive postage costs and a completely custom design, that's what LocoMail stands for.

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