Email has long been the magic word for marketers. But now that the inbox is overflowing with newsletters, updates and vague emails, more and more companies are choosing to use direct mailing. Direct mailing is the targeted sending of invitations to (potential) customers, employees or other interested parties.

The direct mailing often consists of a original invitation which is sent by post. How do you ensure that this direct mail is read?

1. Be original with the packaging

Make sure your invite stands out in the mail. So don't send a simple flyer or something wrapped in plastic, but go for a can, a message in a bottle or another way of sending, for example, that makes the package stand out on the mat. Marketing is all about stimulating people and making them curious, you can achieve this by making the packaging stand out.

2. Use clear text

Make sure your texts are not too long. For example, “Visit us at stand 15 in the RAI” is much better than: “We would love it if you could visit us at our stand at the trade fair in the RAI when you have time.”

3. Use eye-catching images

Provide good visual material. People look before they read. Put an original or strange image on your card and guarantee that people pay a little extra attention to your invitation.

4. Use social media

Place a QR code on your facebook, twitter or linkedIN page, so that people can visit your company directly with their smartphone. In addition, clearly mention the social media on your map and what people can find there. Then make sure on your facebook page or linkedIN page that there is sufficient information about the event you invited the guest to.

5. Use an influencer

An influencer is not the most popular person, influencers are the people who are known within your industry and who are listened to (by a small group). These people may also very well come from your own organization, be business partners or customers. Let this person with a photo make a statement on your invitation. Like: “Last year it was a success, this year I will definitely be there again!”