Case Direct Mailing 2D Pop Up Card School Zone

School zone uses the 2D Pop-up map as a direct mail to inform recipients about the crowding and unsafe situations around primary schools. Through this direct mail, Schoolzone wants to ensure that more School Zone signs are placed near primary schools. The 2D Pop-up card is a special form of direct mail in which the Pop-up appears when the card is opened.

case-school zone pop-up card

The front of the card features the word "Hello!" in large type. This is to catch the attention of the recipient. Furthermore, there are also names of places already participating in School Zone Project on the front of the direct mail. When you open the card, the Pop-up comes up. The Pop-up is supposed to represent the School Zone sign they want to place at the primary schools. Furthermore, it is also accompanied by a text explaining the problem and telling Schoolzone what they want to achieve with this action. On the back of this special direct mail is the Schoolzone logo with the phrase 'Together for more road safety'.

case-school zone pop-up card

Schoolzone has thought carefully about its card design. Both the direct mail and their website give off a painted feel. Because the corporate identity is incorporated into the mailing, it comes across as more professional.

Curious about the possibilities?

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