Direct Mail Tips

Are you working on a new product and do you want to introduce it in the right way? Or do you have important information that you want to share with your target group in an original and eye-catching way? A business event, a staff party or a move? Then there is a good chance that you will choose to use a direct mailing. But how do you ensure that the direct mailing is a success? In this article you will find a few tips for an effective direct mail. Curious about the terms of a direct mail? Then read an earlier article about it effective direct mailing examples.

effective direct mail products.

Tip 1. Opt for eye-catching direct mail

Make sure the direct mail stands out from the rest of the mail items. This ensures that recipients become interested in your direct mail and this ensures a higher response rate. Due to the originality and the unique surprise effects that our direct mail products use, they have a high attention value. The recipient is triggered to open the direct mail, and the originality ensures a lasting message. An effective direct mail is not only an original product, the design also plays a role. In addition to a striking product, choose a unique and striking design.

Tip 2. Make sure your message matches your target group.

This may seem obvious, but often less attention is paid to the address file. You don't send an effective direct mail to the director if you actually want to address the marketing manager. When writing a direct mail, make sure it actually has value for the recipient.

Tip 3. Be direct.

Be clear and straightforward so that the direct mail comes across as convincing and powerful. This way, the recipients immediately know where they stand. When the direct mail starts with boring, general information, there is a good chance that the recipient will drop out after just a few seconds. For effective direct mail, it is necessary to make a point in the first paragraph of the mailing.

Tip 4. Sell benefits not aspects.

When using direct mail to sell a product or service, it is important to state clearly what problem the product or service solves. For effective direct mail, it's not enough to simply list what makes the product or service great. If you are going to write a direct mail to sell a product, make sure to mention the relevance of the product or service. Relating benefits to costs or time savings contributes to effectiveness.

Tip 5. Don't make your direct mail too long.

Make it short and sweet. Too much and tedious information will quickly make you lose your reader. The first two sentences should invite you to read on. An effective direct mail generally has no more than half an A4 sheet of text.

Tip 6. Choose a catchy title.

A catchy title is everything. With this you 'lure' the reader. This ensures that interest is aroused and that it persists during the opening of the direct mail. For example, opt for a full-colour printed envelope with a catchy text; not only does the direct mail then stand out among the rest of the postal items, the title challenged the recipient to quickly open the mailing.

Tip 7. Personalize your direct mail.

Personalization of the direct mail ensures personal interaction between you and the recipient. It also makes the recipient feel special. When a response is the goal of the direct mail, it helps to address the recipient personally.

Tip 8. Readable and clear.

A clear font can make all the difference. Therefore, choose one clear font. Multiple styles and fonts can make direct mail cluttered and less effective. Write the direct mail in a font that makes it pleasant to read the message. The font may look less attractive, but after all it is about getting your message across. For effective direct mail, think about the font when writing. In addition to the style and font, the size of the font is also important.

Tip 9. Use direct mail to generate leads.

An effective direct mail elicits a response. This can be done through various ways, or channels. Therefore, mention as many channels as possible when you write a direct mail. Think of e-mail, website, telephone number, reply card and social media. Let the recipient decide how they want to approach your business.

Tip 10. Make use of Visuals.

When a direct mail is written, it almost always has a company logo on it. And this makes sense. Play with images, they immediately attract the attention of the direct mail recipient. An effective direct mail is balance between text and images. This also depends on the direct mailing product; some products will be more suitable for using images than others. When inserting images on the direct mail, also consider the resolution. If the images do not come across, this will detract from the effectiveness of the direct mail.

Do you have questions about how to set up an effective direct mail? Or about the possibilities of our direct mail products. Do not hesitate to contact one of our employees. They are happy to think along with you to achieve a successful and effective direct mail.