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Self Mail Pieces for your direct mail campaign

Are you looking for suitable Self Mail Pieces for your direct mail campaign? LocoMail offers different kinds of self mailers. The Message in a Tin and the Message in a Bottle are great examples of creative 3D Self Mail Pieces. Some examples of 2D self mailers are the Manual Dissolver, the Flicker Book and the Fold Out Cross. Take a look at our direct mail products and find your favourite Self Mail Product.

These mailers don’t need an envelope but are sent with the address printed on (a sticker on) the product itself. Self Mail Pieces are used for a lot of purposes: as brochures, invitations, catalogues et cetera. Now that our e-mail inboxes are overflowing and most of the corporate communication is done online, physical mail is more important than ever. Although online communication can be effective to stay in touch with loyal customers, offline mail is the tool to use when reaching out to new clients.

Why use Self Mail Pieces?

Using LocoMails Self Mail Pieces for your marketing purpose has a lot of benefits. For instance, you reduce costs by choosing for a self-mailer. The product weighs less since it will be sent without an envelope. This lowers postal charges. Also, if you opt for a self-mailer you don’t have to spend your budget on the printing of envelopes.

All Self Mail Pieces are fully customisable. This means that you can create a design that completely fits the purpose and message you want to send. Should you want to make adjustments to the product itself (such as an additional card, a different size etc.) please contact our employees. Since we design and develop all products in-house, we can easily adjust the product to your wishes. Request free samples of the Self Mail Pieces that you are interested in and experience the power of innovative direct mailing items.

Self Mailer Pieces examples

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