Never Ending Card 18 x 18 cm

Another bigger Never Ending Card is the one of the 180mmx180mm. After the 200mmx200mm, this Never Ending Card 18 x 18 cm has the biggest size. The Never Ending Card exists of four pages which you can shape to your own wishes. The technique in combination with your message makes you top of mind at your customers. Fold the card and explore four pages of new messages. As an example, are you promoting a new product to your customers? Build up the tension by exploring new information about the product on every page. Tip: choose to progress many pictures, these are ideal on the Never Ending Card. We offer the Never Ending Card in a laminated version.

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Product details Never Ending Card 18 x 18

  • The size of the Never Ending Card is 180mmx180mm

  • An ideal size to progress much information

  • You can choose for a laminated or not-laminated version

  • You can fill four pages with texts and/or pictures

  • Optional we can address your remarkable mailing. Against an additional charge we can print the name and address details on the envelope. You can decide whether you want to send the mailing yourself or if you would like us to send the mailing for you

  • If desired, we can send the mailing directly to your clients. Depending on the product, quantity and processing time we will examine which delivery service suits best

  • Top of mind at your customers!

Never Ending Card 18 x 18 size

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