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Discover our MoveCards

A revolutionary and unique way to deliver your direct mailing! At first it looks like an ordinary mail item. However, by opening the envelope and slowly pulling the protruding card, the pages will turn automatically. The receiver is surprised by this effect and will therefore pay more attention to the message.

The MoveCard can be used as an original mailing for various purposes: as an invitation to a party or to introduce a new product. You have the possibility to change the card to however you like it. Either the envelop as the card itself can be printed in full colour. Have we aroused your curiosity? Request a free sample and / or quotation of this striking mailing.

MoveCard US

MoveCard US

Large MoveCard mailing, suitable for a strong message. Fully customizable and printable on both sides.

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MoveCard possibilities

If you are looking for a unique and personal direct mail, the MoveCard is certainly one of the most striking versions. The pages can be completely filled with your own information and corporate identity. Due to the large number of pages, there is a lot of space for text and explanation. The MoveCard has a luxurious and business look because the card initially looks like a normal card. This production would not be from LocoMix, if it had not been given a special interpretation to this map! The MoveCard is the perfect combination between a business and a striking mailing. Look between the above possible sizes and versions for more information.