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Lamellae Card as effective direct mailing product

When you are looking for a direct mail product that emphasises communication regarding changes in your organisation, such as a new corporate identity design or a new product, then LocoMails Lamellae Card is a great choice. The Manual Dissolver is a changing picture card with a unique lamella effect. This effect makes the Lamella Cards great mailers for when you want to announce a change in your company. For example, when your company is moving into a new building, you could use the cut-out window to first show a picture of the old building. When the receiver pulls the tab, the lamellae change and a picture of the new building appears.

The Manual Dissolver has been and can be used for many purposes. It is also a great way to send two messages in one. For example, use one picture in the lamellae as an invitation to an upcoming event. The other picture can be used to wish your relations a happy new business year. Hereby, you send two messages with the lamelle effect. Every purpose you had in mind is possible!

Lamellae Screen Card

Sending Lamella Effect Cards has a lot of benefits. First of all, there is plenty of space for your communication and visuals. The Lamellae Card measures 10.3 x 18.7 (cm) and has four fully customisable sides. The Lamellae Card can be printed in full colour in your desired design so that it fits the message you want to send.

Another benefit is that the Lamella Screen Card is a self-mailer. There is no need for an additional envelope, which means that the mailer is a lightweight. This is beneficial for the post rates. The Lamella Screen Cards are available from just twenty cards, which make them a great mailing for smaller companies as well. Are you convinced by the power of the Lamella Effect Card? Request a free sample and experience the unique lamellae effect yourself. Should you have any questions regarding the Lamella Screen Card or the use of it, please contact our employees. For extra inspiration, please visit our direct mail productpage with all our original direct mailings.


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