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Expanding mailer to give your mailing another dimension

Give your direct mailing literally another dimension and choose for an expanding mailer. LocoMail offers various options when it comes to extension mailers: the Automated Extending Mailer, the Telescopic Extender and the Push and Pull Manual Extender. These extending direct mailers all have a unique sliding and/or extension effect. Also, the surprise effect will cause a high attention value.

There are two different kind of effects: the Automated Extending Mailer expands automatically when opened, and the other extension mailers require a manual interaction with the recipient. All expanding mailers can be made in your own design or corporate identity and completely to your wishes. The Telescopic Extender cards and the Push and Pull Manual Extender cards are self mailers, so no additional envelopes are required. Hereby, the direct mailing will directly be striking between the other postal items.

Benefits of expanding mailers

The main benefit of the slide out cards is the high level of attention value they create, because of the interaction element and surprise effect. The Automated Extending Mailer has two ‘wings’ that fold out when the envelope is opened. This immediately draws attention to the product: the receiver will be curious about the information on the card, and is willing to read more directly. And that is exactly what you’re aiming for with remarkable expanding mailers. Another benefit is the amount of space on the extension mailers. A lot of text and images can be printed on an expanding mailer since they have plenty of space. For example, also put some information about the organisation on the direct mailing. Browse through our direct mailing products and discover all the surprise effects the mailers hold. Should you not find what you are looking for, please contact one of our employees. Together we can create a unique extending mailer for your organisation.

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