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The Pop up Cube 80x80x150 mm Direct Mail

The rectangular pop-up is now available in various sizes including the 80x80x150mm. This pop-up is ideal for designs with rectangular shapes. For example, an apartment, by creating it standing up. Or as a moving box, by laying it out horizontal. This Pop up Cube 80x80x150 offers more than enough space for your communication message. The 6 faces of the cube can be printed in full color according to your own wishes, and we provide a full color envelope. This is resealable, so you can show the unique surprise effect to others.

The pop up cube 80x80x150 mm also jumps out of the envelope, which means that the mailing has a high attention value. This striking card will be discussed for a long time. The jumping cube can be used widely and is available in small quantities.

Out of the Box 80x80x150

The Out of the Box comes standard with an envelope: the unique surprise effect cannot be achieved without this special envelope. The envelope is standard offered as full color.


Out of the Box 80x80x150mm

The cube consists of 6 planes. Four planes of 80x150mm, and two planes of 80x80mm. All these surfaces are printed in full color.

Full colour envelope

Full Colour Bedruket Envelop

The Pop-up cube comes with a resealable envelope. 150x160x5mm is the size of the envelope. The envelope is printed on one side as standard.

FC double-sided printed envelope

Bedrukking envelop

The cube is offered with a full color envelope. It is also possible to have the envelope printed on both sides at an additional cost.


LocoMail can address your eye-catching mailing. We will have the name and address data printed on the envelope for an additional charge. We leave the choice to you whether you want to send the mailing yourself or via LocoMail.


If desired, we can send your eye-catching mailing. Depending on the product, circulation, and the lead time, we can see which shipping service suits you best.

Is it possible to provide your own design for the cube?
It is possible to provide your own design for the Out of the Box. You can request the layout files and work instruction by e-mail.

I want my client to experience the surprise effect several times, is that possible?
The mailing comes standard with a resealable envelope so that the surprise effect can be used several times.

What is the paper type?
Both the box and envelope are produced on 300 grams, high-quality, sulphate cardboard.

What does the Out of the Box weigh?
The box weighs between 41 – 50 grams.

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